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Too little is being done to stop homophobia in sport.

As the closing ceremony drew to a close, and the hands of friendship had been shaken, focus then shifted to the competition between the finest sports men and women of the commonwealth.   But for some, before a single starters gun

We Need a new Approach to Social Care!

Just the other week, a care worker was sentenced to four months in prison, and another two given suspended sentences, for their roles in a catalogue of mistreatment and abuse of people with Alzheimer’s disease at a care home in

Give disabled people support to live, not right to die

Give disabled people support to live, not right to die ‘Thousands of disabled people live valuable and productive lives given the right support’   by DAVID REILLY    2014 WITH the House of Lords to consider today the Assisted Suicide

Why Should Disabled Vote YES in September?

With now less than 10 weeks to go until the Independence referendum in September, and both sides of the argument will no doubt step up their efforts to try and attract votes from all corners on society across Scotland.  Campaigning

DLA Reform

‘Cruel and Callus,’ are among the terms that have been used to describe the Governments plans to reform Disability Living Allowance (DLA), a reform that will inevitably leave thousands of disabled people without the vital money they need to live

Disability Charity in Scotland

In October last year, Capability Scotland began a yearlong celebration to mark the 60th year since its inception in 1946. Named “The Spastic Society” back then, Capability began as a group for parents of children with Cerebral Palsy and is