Monthly Archives: August 2014

Hate Crime Laws Should Protect Everybody.

Recently there has been a wave of anti-terror laws introduced and new ASBO criteria included in order to clamp down of the spread of racial hatred on the Internet. Just yesterday David Cameron announced that ‘hate preachers’ should be silenced

Charity and Sport

It was poignant moment that will stay etched in the minds of many of the over a billion people who were estimated to have been watching. As the world held its breath with excitement and anticipation of the events that

How Many U-turns Will The Liberal Democrats Be Prepared To Do?

On Friday evening Danny Alexander appeared on Channel 4 news offering somewhat of an apology and policy u-turn on behalf of the Liberal Democrats for what was one of the most unpopular policies of the coalition government, the Bedroom Tax.

Better Rights for Transgender People

Last week a transgender woman lost her appeal at the high court to receive her state pension at the age of 60 like every other woman in the country does. The woman, a committed Christian, chose to honor and stay