Camping in The Ettrick Valley

I have just come back from a wonderful weekends camping in Tushielaw which is nestled in the Ettrick Valley. Within an easy 2 hour drive of Edinburgh, Tushielaw is in a really beautiful spot surrounded by the rolling hills of the Scottish Borders and Dunfries and Galloway.  The journey to get there was really spectacular, on parr with some of the most dramatic highland roads in the North West of Scotland. From the car, I couldn’t help but to wonder how good it would be to cycle these roads.

When we reached the campsite, named the Honey Pot,  we were greeted with a very warm welcome from both the site warden and the staff of the store. With a very relaxed and friendly manner invited us to pitch the tent wherever was convenient. There was a designated area for tent although it was a bit of a walk from the facilities, however the warden was more than happy for us to pitch the tent at a more suitable location nearer facilities.

Facilities were very standard, with loos and hot showers at no charge. There was  no sign of disabled facilities. However, the facilities were very clean and fresh and I would not hesitate to recommend them. I would recommend the whole campsite as it was very well kept and in beautiful spot. We had a fantastic evening walk along the rive adjacent to the campsite and weren’t eaten alive by midges. This is a really beautiful spot well worth a visit.



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  1. Laura worley says:

    I miss camping and being in the mountains, with work and schedules it just never seems to work out, I’m hoping once I get older haha that I can take my family to the mountains and camp , I’m originally from Idaho USA and camped every summer with my parents and went as often as I could when I became an adult, I married a city boy from New Jersey I don’t think he has ever been camping in the way I know of , My kids are too citified and don’t think they would last long LOL, Living in Florida now yes they have campgrounds but I miss my mountains and roughing it for a week or so. I would love to read more of your adventures, Have a wonderful day

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