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  1. Angela Laws says:

    Hello David I received an e mail introducing you from Charli Moore would you please let me have your direct contact details so that we may have a chat regarding housesitting with TrustedHousesitters.


    Angela Laws

  2. Robert Greenwood says:

    Your site was about the only info could find on accessibility. I have MS and will be visiting Orkney last week in June. I have found it very difficult to find any access details at all about the sites and I think Historic Scotland are in breach of Equality legislation by not publishing such info. Having MS I can walk short distances with sticks and use a mobility scoter. I would be able to get into Maes Howe but would struggle with the distance from the road. I have asked if the shuttle bus can accommodate my scooter or if I can meet the tour at the site after arriving by car with my scooter. I’m awaiting their reply. Accessibility is as much about providing information and enabling flexible solutions as making physical changes.

  3. Manual Zapata says:


    New guest house in Bobov Dol Bulgaria.
    Only one hour from Sofia.
    A Comfy place to relax and enjoy rural Bulgaria with its shops and cafes.
    See here:


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