It’s the New Year, and I’m already looking forward to cycling, camping and the adventures that 2017 will bring. I love living a healthy lifestyle and I also enjoy writing it in a blog. Right now however, I would like your help! I need to know what you enjoy about my blog and what you would appreciate seeing more of in the months to come. Some of the best blogs in the world have been created by asking the readership what they like. So that’s precisely what I want to do and for that, I need your help!

The Beginnings
I have been cycling, participating in disability sports and living a healthy lifestyle for many years. I have always felt motivated to do sports fitness and loved the great outdoors. I have also been writing for many years and I have had numerous articles published in the National Press. As well as this, I have written a novel and many short stories. I started by putting my journalism work into a blog but, after a while I started to loose interest. Then I had an idea! If I love Outdoor Sport so much, why don’t I put that into a blog? That’s exactly what I did and I am having such fun at the same time.

The Act Of Writing
Doing the activities is great, but I also enjoy the process of writing and documenting my travels and adventures.
By writing my adventures in a blog:

  • It is a great way of keeping a record of all my activities
  • It helps me remember things I otherwise would forget
  • It lets other people see what I’ve been up to
  • It hopefully inspires other people to do explore the outdoors
  • It makes me happy because I enjoy doing it

Over To You
Now its your turn to write something about my blog. I would be so grateful if you would write a few words in the comments box below. You can be as honest as you like as you don’t even have to put your name to it! I want to write the best blog I possibly can so do me a massive favour and help point me in the right direction!

Thank You!


  1. Richard Ellis says:

    Morning David. I have only recently started following you so can’t really comment too much. I would say – simply be honest and enthusiastic in your writing. It’s your blog and therefore you should be happy with your pieces. Branch out a little and try different things to do. Perhaps look back on older blogs periodically to jog people’s minds. Keep up the blogging 🙂

    • david says:

      Richard, thank you very much for that. I really enjoy blogging and getting feedback is crucial because, as well as writing for myself, I would like other people to enjoy it too. Thanks

  2. Dr. Gary mckay says:

    Write what you feel, feel what you write.

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Hi I have only recently started following you so I don’t have many comments so far but I do appreciate your enthusiasm and joy you have for writing and your desire to share your experiences with others. All I can say at the moment is keep writing.

  4. Laura worley says:

    I have helped on several blogs over the past years, personally, I love the layout and the content is well thought out and written, just update often. If you need a break inform your readers, Best of luck to you sir!

  5. Joan Kirkland says:

    Another fine piece of writing David you are such an inspiration. Lots of people throughout the world only dream about writing a novel in their lifetime; you have done that. You have achieved so much; yet there is an inner tiger within you wanting to achieve more. Life is what you make it and you have certainly demonstrated the desire to experience new things and visit new places. Where will you travel to next? The world is out there for you to experience even more great times. Perhaps you might like to use some video to show your adventures to others. You might like to pass on some tips about planning your day, be it taking part in a competition, or simply taking a day out somewhere. Keep up the good work I look forward to your next blog.

    • david says:

      Thanks Joan, got so much I’d like to do this year and feel really excited about the opportunities. Hoping to start making video too. Thanks

  6. Hi

    I’m fairly new to blogging but I’ve found that ‘You Baby Me Mummy’ has some great general blogging tips on Twitter (not just about parent blogging!)

    In terms of content, it seems that audiences prefer blogs that are personal and unique to the writer.

    Hope this helps but it looks like you’re doing a pretty good job anyway!

  7. david says:

    Thanks Beverley, Glad you found my blog. I will look out for that site with tips!

  8. Mandy says:

    I think include some of the fantastic photos that are on Twitter and relevant to the blog. Also how others might access what you have been doing. Well done

  9. Wolph UK says:

    We have only just started following David on Twitter and so haven’t read enough of his work to give much feedback. But in the short time we have followed him, have found him to be one of our most inspiring new friends on Twitter.

    With this being our first read of any of his writings , we are quite impressed by how much he cares for his readers to wish for their opinion and with this alone we believe he’ll continue to do well with his blog posts.

    All that being said, I’ll be looking forward to catching up on your old adventures and waiting expectantly on your future posts 😀

    Keep doing your thing, brother!

    • david says:

      Thank you very much for your words of encouragement and I look forward to tweeting with you in the future. Thanks

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