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If you are looking for inspiration to go walking in the Scottish Borders, a visit to the healthy spring of St Ronan’s is well worth a visit. The healing waters of St Ronan are thought to have to have evolved over 400 million years ago! Nestled in the Borders town of Innerleithen a small museum incorporating the spring, perches on the hill with fantastic views down the valley.



Healing Qualities

The water that has trickled down through the rocks in the hillside is thought to be full of minerals. The water is there to be sampled, which I did. Although, I may say it was a bit warm for my liking and not as tasty as the water that comes from my tap. I hope it did me some good. To the back of the Museum in a nice garden that is maintained by the community.


Who Was St Ronan?

St Ronan is associated with many area of Celtic Christendom including France and the Outer Hebrides. He is said to have caught the devil with a crook and sent him to hell at the spot where the sulphurous water springs to the surface hence St Ronan’s Well.

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Worth a visit?

Absolutely worth a visit, it’s a lovely spot and a great story. Disabled people beware though, it is on quite a steep hill as there are a few steps. However, I did see an accessible toilet and plenty of grab rails.


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